Controversy on Shweta Kothari’s class on Media Ethics in IIMC

Controversy on Shweta Kothari's class on Media Ethics in IIMC

A broadcast turned digital journalist, Shweta Kothari started teaching at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in Delhi, but her class got immediately cancelled. In her recent tweet, she said “In an exciting update, I start teaching at @IIMC_India, Delhi this week. At a time when mainstream media has become loud and shallow, I … Read more

IIMC Jammu to start Hindi-journalism course soon

IIMC Jammu to start Hindi-journalism course soon

Ground Report | New Delhi: IIMC Jammu to start Hindi-journalism; The Northern Regional campus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication organised a seminar on the future of language press as part of the ongoing Hindi Fortnight on its campus, here today. Prominent Hindi writer and poet Dr. Agnishekhar was was the Chief Guest on … Read more

IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens candidates, rage on Twitter

IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens candidates

Ground Report | Ayushman Ojha: IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens; The Online Entrance Examination of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) was held on Sunday, 29th August in various cities. It was conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Soon after the exams, the students took on Twitter to express their rage against the IIMC … Read more

IIMCA Elections: IFFCO PR Head elected Vice-President of IIMC Alumni

IIMCA Elections

Ground Report | New Delhi: IIMCA Elections; Harshendra Singh Vardhan, Head of Public Relations, IFFCO has been elected unopposed as the National Vice President of Mass Communication Alumni Association of India. As soon as his name was announced, Harsh’s well-wishers posted it on social media, leading to a flood of congratulatory messages. The news was … Read more

प्रशासन की तानाशाही और छात्रों का डीपी विरोध, कब खुलेगा IIMC?

रिपोर्ट: ललित कुमार सिंह भारतीय जन संचार संस्थान (Indian Institute of Mass Communication) एक बार फिर ख़बरों में है। लेकिन कारण इस बार भी प्रशासन का मनमानी रवैया है जिसका छात्र पुरज़ोर विरोध कर रहे हैं। कोविड बैच(2020-21) के ये छात्र कई महीनों से आईआईएमसी(IIMC) कैंपस को खोलने की मांग कर रहे हैं साथ ही … Read more