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Controversy on Shweta Kothari’s class on Media Ethics in IIMC

Controversy on Shweta Kothari's class on Media Ethics in IIMC

A broadcast turned digital journalist, Shweta Kothari started teaching at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in Delhi, but her class got immediately cancelled.

In her recent tweet, she said “In an exciting update, I start teaching at @IIMC_India, Delhi this week. At a time when mainstream media has become loud and shallow, I will be teaching ‘role, ethics and responsibilities of media to postgraduate students of journalism.”

Hrishikesh Sharma a freelance journalist and alumni of IIMC tweet, “Hindi Journalism students said that Shweta Kothari was shamed by HJ course Director Prof Rakesh Upadhyay for her Facebook post and tweet where She called out mainstream TV channels”.

Prof Upadhyay showed her tweet to the students of Hindi Journalism and said that “She’s coming to teach Ethics? What would She teach here? Does She know anything about Ethics? Has She ever worked in mainstream media?”

Students further added “Upadhyay further said that She’s coming to teach in a Govt institute. She’ll get a salary from the Govt only. How can She write against this Govt or PM? As a professional how can She speak against that media where students are going to work in future?”

Confirmed the incident Shweta Kothari tweeted “I am told a certain prof Upadhaya opened my Twitter in his class of 50 students at @IIMC_India after my Lecture and tried to shame me. For what? Doing my job as a journalist? I fear for the future of our students”.

She further added “Young, gullible students at @IIMC_India are being told – not to question the government or speak on religious issues, otherwise they would not get placed in media. And that is where the future of journalism in India is headed.”

Who is Shweta Kothari?

Shweta Kothari is a prominent Indian journalist, presenter and columnist. Shweta has studied at Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi. Later, she did a postgraduate degree at the University of Sussex.

A broadcaster turned digital journalist Shweta previously worked with CNBC and NewsX as a news anchor and lead correspondent. Shweta has an MA in journalism from the University of Sussex, UK, and she began her career with an internship at the BBC in Scotland.



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