Hey! Count four seconds, done? … One person is dead, due to hunger

Dying of Hunger: One person dies every 4 seconds without eating

With an estimated one person dying of hunger every four seconds, 238 local and international non-governmental organizations are calling on leaders gathered at the 77th UN General Assembly to take decisive action to end the growing crisis world hunger. Dying of Hunger Organizations from 75 countries have signed an open letter expressing outrage at skyrocketing … Read more

What is the Government Scheme to end hunger?

What is the Government Scheme to end hunger?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Government Scheme to end hunger; India ranks 101st out of 116 countries on the 2021 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Ranking. The Government of India is denying the index and accords that the issue of hunger and malnutrition is the priority. The government is implementing several schemes to improve the situation … Read more

Threat of severe hunger crisis in 20 countries: United Nations

Some UN agencies, political conflicts, the Corona epidemic and climate change will have devastating effects on millions of people in the coming months.  The United Nations has said in a recent report that if the international community does not take appropriate action soon, the severe hunger crisis in more than 20 countries will escalate. Leading global … Read more