Study shows mild fever clears infections faster than medicines

Study shows mild fever clears infections faster than medicines

New research from the University of Alberta, it may be beneficial to let a mild fever run its course instead of immediately resorting to medication. The study observed that allowing the moderate fever to go untreated in fish facilitated faster elimination of infections, controlled inflammation, and repaired damaged tissue. Lead author and immunologist Daniel Barreda … Read more

ग्रामीण स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्था: महिलाओं की पहुंच से अभी भी दूर है अस्पताल

Women in South Asia become poor due to environmental change

भारत क्षेत्रफ़ल के नज़रिए से दुनिया का सातवां सबसे बड़ा देश है। उत्तर से लेकर दक्षिण और पूर्व से लेकर पश्चिम के कोने कोने तक यहां गांव बसे हैं। इसीलिए कहा जाता है कि “भारत की आत्मा गांव में बसती है।” अब जहां देश की आत्मा बसती है, तब तो और ज़रुरी हो जाता है … Read more

Covid hits auto industry in India, workers strike and lawsuits

Ground Report | New Delhi: Covid hits auto industry in India; In late 2019, no one expected that things would turn out as they are now, after the Corona pandemic struck the world, leaving many crises, not least the health sector, but also led to huge economic losses, and a decline in global growth rates, … Read more