How did a 16-yr-old Britisher become a millionaire with help of hacking?

How did a 16-yr-old Britisher become a millionaire with help of hacking?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Lapis group Hacking millionaire; A 16-year-old boy from Oxford, UK, has been accused by authorities of being one of the leaders of a cybercrime group called Lapsus and has amassed more than $14 million through hacking. He has City of London police said that they have arrested seven youngsters belonging … Read more

Why do Instagram accounts get hacked?

NFTs are Coming to Instagram: Mark Zuckerberg confirms

Ground Report | New Delhi: Instagram accounts get hacked; Instagram has presented the new Security Check, a functionality that allows us to secure our account and protect it from possible attackers who are trying to steal it. Instagram accounts get hacked Social media accounts are especially valuable to hackers, especially if they get their hands … Read more

Twitter handle of PM Modi hacked, Tweeted Bitcoin in legal tender in India

BJP MP calls Modi govt a failure

Ground Report | New Delhi: Twitter handle of PM Modi hacked; The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) informed in a tweet in the early hours of Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal Twitter account was “temporarily tampered with”. Two identical tweets related to bitcoin were made from the personal account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi … Read more

How can a phone be hacked by a missed call?

It is normal to get a missed call on your mobile phone by mistake, but is it possible that your mobile phone is hacked through a missed call? Companies and companies working on cybersecurity and technology say it is possible. This year, a Qaim Al Arab TV journalist in London, including 36 journalists from the … Read more