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How can a phone be hacked by a missed call?

It is normal to get a missed call on your mobile phone by mistake, but is it possible that your mobile phone is hacked through a missed call?

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How can a phone be hacked by a missed call?

It is normal to get a missed call on your mobile phone by mistake, but is it possible that your mobile phone is hacked through a missed call?

Companies and companies working on cybersecurity and technology say it is possible.

This year, a Qaim Al Arab TV journalist in London, including 36 journalists from the Qatari media group Al Jazeera, was subjected to such phone hacking when his phone was hacked with just one miss call.

Citizen Lab, a Canadian-based Internet and cybersecurity watchdog, released a technical report this month that revealed that during July and August of this year, government officials spied on an Israeli cybersecurity and Internet spy. The perpetrators hacked the personal phones of these journalists through the NSO's Pegasus spyware.

IT expert and ethical hacker said that this is quite possible because There is clear evidence of this in a recent report released by Citizen Lab.

He said that companies that develop cyber surveillance or spyware for phone or computer hacking usually send a message, e-mail or link to the user by clicking on which the virus enters your phone or computer. And steals your data.

According to him, sometimes various apps are created to deceive the users and they are uploaded on the Google Play Store and when the user downloads and installs them, they get access to the user's data, camera, microphone, photos etc. Ask permission

He said that the world of internet is very wide and especially in the dark web such technology in which hacking can be done without the permission or attention of the user is very important and in demand.

He said that the recent hacking that has been talked about has been termed as 'Zero Click' which allows the hacked user to click on a link or open a message on his phone, tablet or computer. No need and his phone is hacked with just a miss call.

In this type of hacking, spyware companies find fault with your phone's operating system and gain access to your data, even encrypted text and voice messages.

Experts said that in hacking the phones of Al Jazeera journalists, an error was found in the operating system up to version 13.5 of the iPhone and access was obtained through Pegasus spyware. However, now Apple says that this bug has been fixed in their iOS version 14.

WhatsApp system in this regard and he has admitted this and has filed a case against the NSO group in a US court on this basis.

He said that in the recent hacking incident, according to the report of Citizen Lab, the virus was entered through the NSO's Pegasus spyware after finding an error in the iPhone's iMessages system.

Why is this hacking done?

He said there were companies in other countries, such as the Israeli cyber surveillance company NSO, that developed top-secret cyber surveillance weapons or viruses and provided them to various governments so that they could track down such individuals in their own country. Keep an eye on those who are against them and suppress the voices of anti-government forces.

Rafi Baloch said that very few countries in the world, including Russia, Israel, China, North Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom and Iran, have the capability to develop such an Internet or cyber virus.

How far is access in phone hacking?

Citizen Lab reports that hacked journalists' phones have almost all the data, cameras, microphones, recorded messages, encrypted messages, passwords, location information, even using your phone's camera. Photos were accessed.

IT expertsays that this type of hacking makes it possible to gain access to all your accounts, emails, photos, documents and data and apps in your mobile.