We have surpassed the 1.5⁰C temp threshold during the month of June: C3S

First days of June surpass the 1.5⁰C limit

Following the recent announcement of the onset of El Niño and record sea surface temperatures last month, the first eleven days of this month saw the highest temperatures ever recorded for this time of year. This marks the first time that global surface air temperatures exceeded the pre-industrial level by more than 1.5°C during the … Read more

What is the highest temperature on earth observed ever?

Cop27: Fears of compromise, 1.5°c target is out of reach

Many are curious about the hottest temperature ever recorded, but there is misleading information regarding this statistic. Death Valley in the California United States recorded a temperature of 56.7°C on July 10, 1913. Highest temperature on earth observed ever According to official data from NASA, the average temperature of the Earth has increased by more than 1.2 … Read more

Global temperature rise likely exceed 1.5 degree Celsius in next five years

According to the United Nations, there is a 40 percent chance that the rise in global temperature in the next five years will cross the 1.5 degree Celsius limit. Ground Report | New Delhi: A report released by the United Nations warned that there is a 40 per cent possibility that the rise in global temperature in the … Read more