Sammed Shikhar-Parasnath hills tourism controversy, explained

Save Sammed Shikhar Protests

The government is going to promote eco-tourism in Parasnath Hills located in the Giridih district of Jharkhand so that employment opportunities can be opened for the local community there and tourism can be increased in a sustainable manner. But the people of the Jain Religion are opposing it. People of the Jain community all over … Read more

Non Veg-Alcohol at Sammed Shikhar Ji, Raged Jains Call for total Ban

sammed Shikhar ji Non Veg Alcohol Controversy

Non-Veg-Alcohol at Sammed Shikhar Ji Controversy: In Giridih, Jharkhand, Sammed Shikhar Ji is the biggest pilgrimage site of Jainism. Many Tirthankaras of Jainism attained salvation by doing penance here. People of the Jain religion, the worshipers of non-violence, come here, and they see that their pilgrimage has now become a picnic spot for the local … Read more