Ganga water pollution: Ganga is now a source of cancer

Explained: What is Environmental Racism and How can we fight it?

Despite being considered purifying and healing by millions of Hindus, the truth is that the waters of the Gange are so polluted that they have caused more than 50,000 cases of pancreatic cancer, among other diseases, in the population of northern India. Ganga water pollution This is revealed by a recent Indo-Japanese study conducted among … Read more

After UP and Bihar, hundreds of death bodies seen scattered in Uttarakhand river

Ground Report | New Delhi: Over the past few weeks, the country has watched in horror, unidentified corpses stranded along the banks of the Ganges. Such cases have mostly been reported from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and although not yet officially recognized, it is believed that these are the bodies of people who have died … Read more