French govt new agency to Reshape Islam, What is it?

World must be prepared for a long war, says French President

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Reshape Islam; The French government led by President Emmanuel Macron introduced a new body to reshape Islam in France and rid it of extremism. The body was made up of clergy and laymen — and women — to help lead the largest Muslim community in Western Europe. The … Read more

PM Modi at SCO Summit: Extremism will strengthen if instability increases

PM Modi spoke for the first time on Taliban-Afghanistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: PM Modi at SCO Summit; Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on the issue of Afghanistan in the ongoing meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Tajikistan that if the situation there is not normal then it can be a threat to the neighboring countries and the world. ALSO READ: Rehabilitation … Read more

Policy on the Leader: Extremism Isn’t the Only Option

Policy on the Leader

Ground Report | New Delhi: Policy on the Leader; Today, we live in a world that is witnessing an extremely polarized society. The fact that it doesn’t take even five minutes to trigger someone politically shows that our ‘public’ has become a victim of this polarization. Everything has to be either love/hate, right/wrong, patriotic/anti-national, and … Read more