Who were India’s First Dalit Panthers?

Who were India’s First Dalit Panthers?

The First Dalit Panthers were established on July 9, 1972. India is preparing for the grand celebrations of the 25th anniversary of independence, but the Indian youth of the Dalits are restless. Dalits (“humiliated”) are the lowest “untouchable” caste in Hinduism. Hinduism views the Dalits as sinners in a past life who can redeem themselves … Read more

Caste Discrimination against SC/STs students in IIM faculty recruitment

Man held for sexually abusing woman in Delhi

New Delhi: Caste discrimination has been deep-rooted in our society, with many people not agreeing with the fact that it still exists today believing it was the ordeal of the past. However, this is not it, some people also believe that reservation is a waste of seats that could be provided to ‘more valuable’ students. … Read more

Why Ambedkar demanded reservation for Dalits in constitution?

REPUBLIC DAY : Vision of Ambedkar for Women Empowerment

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Ambedkar demanded reservation for Dalits; Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar identified the land monopoly of the Hindu caste in village society as the physical basis of the caste system. The issue of land for Dalits is related to human dignity, freedom from slavery and caste-based exploitation in village society. Ambedkar criticized … Read more

Dalit Man forced to clean manhole in Gujarat, What’s the whole matter

Dalit Man forced to clean manhole in Gujarat, What's the whole matter

Ground Report | New Delhi: Dalit Man forced in Gujarat; A Dalit man was forced down a sewer in Sector 3B in Gandhinagar to clear a clogged sewer pipe. Images that went viral on social media show a shirtless worker without safety equipment being lowered into the sewer by a rope. Dalit Man forced in … Read more

Who was Fatima Sheikh, Why Google Doodle Honours her

Who is Fatima Sheikh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who was Fatima Sheikh; Google on Sunday celebrated the 191st birth anniversary of teacher and feminist icon Fatima Sheikh, widely regarded as India’s first Muslim female teacher, with a beautifully crafted doodle. Regarded as a “lifetime champion” in women’s education, Sheikh, along with social reformers Jyotirao and Savitribai Phule, co-founded … Read more

Dalit Youth beaten to Death for Touching Food After Party

Dalit woman body found near ashram owned by ex UP minister's son

On Monday, a 25-year-old Dalit youth was beaten to death by 2 upper caste youths as he touched food in a party in Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. The deceased Devraj Anuragi was called by the accused Bhura Soni and Santosh Pal. After the party, both of them called Devraj in Kishanpur village of Chhatarpur district … Read more