Covid-19 vaccination affected menstruation cycle, is it true?

Covid-19 vaccination affected menstruation cycle, is it true?

As vaccination spread to younger age groups, some women noted menstrual changes after vaccination, and concern and need for robust data and research arose. But not only have menstrual changes been reported in association with Covid vaccines, but also against other pathogens, so a secondary objective of this work is to understand the mechanisms by … Read more

How many Covid variants are there? Explained

How many Covid variants are there

Ground Report | New Delhi: How many Covid variants are there; Virus types or strains occur when there is a change/mutation in the genes of the virus. It is normal and expected for RNA viruses like coronaviruses to evolve and change over time. With the world already battling to bring high rates of infection from … Read more

Hillarious Meme fest on Deltacron “Variant joining Forces”

Hillarious Meme fest on Deltacron Variant joining Forces

Ground Report | New Delhi: Hillarious Meme fest on Deltacron; After the detection of the Omicron variant in November, which caused an increase in infections and accumulated incidence, another variant has now appeared in Cyprus. It is ‘Deltacron’, a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants. According to the professor of Biology at the University … Read more

Mu variant of covid-19 found in 39 countries, how dangerous it is?

Mu variant found in 39 countries

A new covid-19 virus variant is found. World Health Organization named a new ‘variant of interest’ Mu variant. It was first found in Colombia in January 2021, and has been found in about 39 countries so far. What is Mu Variant? Can Mu Variant escape vaccine? You can connect with Ground Report on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. And mail … Read more

New mutation in Delta variant, how dangerous it is?

third wave of Covid

The ‘Delta Plus’ variant was detected in six genomes from India as of June 7, according to Public Health England’s latest report on coronavirus variations Ground Report | New Delhi: A new mutation has been reported in the Delta variant of covid-19 which is called ‘Delta plus’ or ‘AY.1’ but scientists and govt of India … Read more

Explained: Not Indian Variant, it’s called “Delta”, WHO renamed Covid Variants in Greek words

third wave of Covid

For the time being this list was created and all variants are given Greek letters but in the future WHO may come up with another series list Ground Report | New Delhi: World Health Organization WHO renamed Covid variants in Greek alphabets to avoid stigmatization and released lists of new names for various covid strains … Read more