Junk food affects water and planet: Study

Junk food affects water and planet

Ground Report | New Delhi: Junk food affects water; Today’s society has evolved towards a lifestyle where everything is done quickly: each time we crave transport that is faster, fast fashion is the order of the day, and even eating we are in a hurry. But you know what they say: “what is done quickly, … Read more

NBA star Kyrie Irving helps brings clean water to these villages

NBA star Kyrie Irving

Ground Report | New Delhi: NBA star Kyrie Irving; NBA superstar Kyrie Irving recently set up a solar water station in a drought-prone desert in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. Irving’s charity, the KAI Family Foundation, partnered with the Jal Sahayata non-profit Water Project to provide clean drinking water, food sustainability enhancement, and solar support to … Read more