3.7 litres of water used to make one cigarette

3.7 litres of water used to make one cigarette

Since the 1970s, around 1.5 billion hectares of predominantly tropical forests have been lost worldwide to tobacco cultivation, contributing up to 20% to the annual increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This loss of forests is the result of clearing land for tobacco cultivation and burning wood during the curing process of tobacco leaves. Amazingly, an … Read more

How Menthol Flavored cigarettes are more dangerous than a normal ones?

How menthol cigarettes are more harmful than a normal one

People think that flavoured cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes but it is not. Even they are more dangerous and make people addicted. On 28 April, The US Food and Drug Administration decided to ban menthol and other flavours(except tobacco) in cigarettes to reduce deaths and diseases from tobacco and to stop the young generation … Read more