How Menthol Flavored cigarettes are more dangerous than a normal ones?

People think that flavoured cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes but it is not. Even they are more dangerous and make people addicted. On 28 April, The US Food and Drug Administration decided to ban menthol and other flavours(except tobacco) in cigarettes to reduce deaths and diseases from tobacco and to stop the young generation from smoking.

In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration already warned, that menthol cigarettes are more dangerous than other cigarettes but India and the US did not ban these cigarettes in their country. Now, the US has taken the steps but India still has not.

What are menthol flavoured cigarettes?

These cigarettes are the same as any other normal cigarettes. They have only menthol flavour either mixed with tobacco or near the cigarette filter to feel a taste of menthol when inhaled. Menthol is a chemical cooling compound that numbs the throat and makes the smoke less harsh.

More than 54 per cent of smokers between the ages of 12 to 17 favour menthol cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because of its cooling and flavour effect, adults are becoming more junkies.

Why flavored cigarettes are more addictive?

These cigarettes give the cooling effects and do not make the throat dry. As it is less harsh and filled with different flavours youth prefer it more and become long-time daily smokers.

Research by the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee and the FDA says that people who smoke menthol cigarettes are more addicted and will face more trouble while quitting.

The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee expected that by 2020, 2.3 million new smokers will have added and about 17,000 premature deaths will be accountable to menthol cigarettes.

How menthol cigarettes are more harmful than a normal one?

Menthol gives a masking and cooling effect due to this smokers inhaled smoke more deeply and longer in their lungs. Owing to this, the lungs are more exposed to dangerous fumes and become addicted to them. It also results in slower nicotine metabolism.

In a study in 2014, menthol cigarette smokers need more visits to doctors and hospitalization than normal smokers. They also face high breathing shortness than the regular ones. Researchers concluded that the use of menthol cigarettes will increase 29 per cent higher risk of severe lung disease.

What to do?

After reading this article, you must have come to know how harmful flavoured cigarettes are. If you are also addicted to menthol cigarettes, try to quit them now. Also, help others by sharing this information.

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