Fungal diseases rise among Bhopal gas tragedy survivors

Fungal diseases rise among Bhopal gas tragedy survivors

On the night of December 2-3, 1984, the biggest industrial disaster in history took place in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. On the 38th anniversary of the gas tragedy, Sambhavna Trust said that fungal infection is on the rise among survivors. Due to the poisonous gas released by Union Carbide in December 1984, many people continue to suffer … Read more

Bhopal Gas Survivors can finally get treatment at AIIMS, but not all

Cancer treatment for bhopal gas victims in AIIMS Bhopal

Read in Hindi | In order to reduce the difficulty in the treatment of Bhopal Gas Survivors, the Madhya Pradesh government has finally opened the doors of AIIMS Bhopal. Now Bhopal Gas Tragedy survivors who are suffering from diseases like Cancer get treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Bhopal. Earlier, the … Read more

Bhopal Gas tragedy curative petition hearing: What happened today?

Bhopal Gas tragedy curative petition hearing: What happened today?

The Center told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that it will launch litigation seeking additional compensation from US firm Union Carbide Corporation for survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy. The Modi government has informed the Supreme Court that it will go ahead with the curative declaration submitted by the government of former Prime Minister … Read more

Bhopal gas tragedy victims yet to get justice

Timeline of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

In the Supreme Court, the central government was asked to present the correct figures of deaths and permanent injuries related to the Bhopal gas tragedy. The purpose of which is to get fair compensation from the US corporations responsible for the gas tragedy. But the state government and the central government are yet to present … Read more

50% of Covid deaths in Bhopal are Gas Survivors

COVID's true death toll: millions more than official counts

Ground Report | New Delhi: 50% of Covid deaths in Bhopal; When the havoc of Covid 19 broke, it was feared that it would have a very bad effect on the Bhopal gas victims already suffering from many serious diseases. 50% of Covid deaths in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Gas Relief Department and Bhopal district administration … Read more