Bangladesh will pay 4 times to Adani for coal power, Cuts food Subsidies

adani bangladesh coal power deal

Climate Kahani: While on one hand food security is the priority of almost all the countries of the world, there is shocking news in this context from neighboring Bangladesh. In fact, recently Bangladesh decided to reduce food subsidies for the poor due to the rising cost of fossil fuels. According to a new report released by Growthwatch India and … Read more

Bangladesh found in Kashmir, Less people know about it

Bangladesh found in Kashmir, Less people know about it

Ground Report | New Delhi: Bangladesh in Kashmir; At a distance of 30 km from the Bandipora district of Kashmir, there is a small village called Bangladesh, with a total population of 300 people. A small village situated near Wular Lake in Kashmir is commonly known as “Bangladesh”. The beautiful village with mountains and waterfalls … Read more

What is happening in Tripura?

What is happening in Tripura

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening in Tripura; In the past few days, there have been reports of mosques and Muslim properties being targeted by the Hindutva mob in Tripura, which borders Bangladesh. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party government has claimed that no major incidents of law-breaking have taken place except for minor incidents … Read more

Attacks on Muslims in Tripura after Bangladesh communal riots

Attacks on Muslims in Tripura after Bangladesh communal riots

Ground Report | New Delhi: Attacks on Muslims in Tripura; Recently, some Hindu temples in Bangladesh were vandalized by unidentified Muslim bigots during the Durga Puja celebrations, prompting the government to deploy paramilitary force in 22 districts after four people were killed and many others injured in riots, media reports said on Thursday, October 14, … Read more

Statewide attacks on mosques, homes of Muslims in Tripura

Attacks on Muslims in Tripura after Bangladesh communal riots

Ground Report | New Delhi: attacks on Muslims in Tripura; Massive attack on mosques, houses, and businesses during a rally by RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal activists in Tripura, the north-eastern state bordering Bangladesh. Reports said that Muslim homes and mosques were being attacked. ALSO READ: Human Rights Watch report exposes anti-Muslim sentiment of BJP … Read more

ISKCON temple attacked, devotee’s body found in pond in Bangladesh

ISKCON temple attacked in Bangladesh, devotee's body found in pond

Ground Report | New Delhi: ISKCON temple attacked; A mob allegedly ransacked the ISKCON temple and attacked devotees in Bangladesh’s Noakhali district on Friday. Attacks on temples have not stopped even after Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s assurances. ISKCON temple attacked The mob killed one of its members, besides launching a “violent attack” on the … Read more

Indira Gandhi’s contribution to formation of Bangladesh will not be forgotten: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has gone to Dhaka to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Bangladesh’s independence, said that everyone respects Indira Gandhi’s contribution in the formation of Bangladesh, her efforts in the formation of this country are not to be forgotten. That Bangladesh’s struggle for independence was one of the first movements of … Read more

NRC India’s Internal Affairs: Bangladesh Before PM Modi’s Visit

प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने किया नये संसद भवन का भूमिपूजन

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reaching the capital Dhaka on a two-day visit to Bangladesh on Friday. The Prime Minister’s visit is taking place at a time when there is increasing frustration in Bangladesh over bilateral relations with India. The Prime Minister will attend the celebrations to mark the completion of 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence. Apart … Read more

Victory Day: 13-day India-Pakistan war and Bangladesh born

December 16 – In India, this day is celebrated as Victory Day. On this day in 1971, Pakistani army surrendered to India after which the 13-day war ended. Also born – Bangladesh. Staff Officer of Eastern Command, Major General JFR Jacob, played a key role in the 1971 historic war. At that time, the Chief of the … Read more