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Statewide attacks on mosques, homes of Muslims in Tripura

Attacks on Muslims in Tripura after Bangladesh communal riots

Ground Report | New Delhi: attacks on Muslims in Tripura; Massive attack on mosques, houses, and businesses during a rally by RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal activists in Tripura, the north-eastern state bordering Bangladesh. Reports said that Muslim homes and mosques were being attacked.

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attacks on Muslims in Tripura

“In response to the Bangladesh incident, a well-planned series of attacks are being carried out in Tripura by a Hindutva mob. The SIO and civil societies condemned and sought to establish peace and tranquility in the state,” said a tweet by Sultan, a local activist from Tripura.

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Activist Sultan has accused Hindutva groups of carrying out a series of planned attacks in Tripura. ‘Hindutva groups are carrying out a series of planned attacks in Tripura in connection with the attack in Bangladesh. The SIO also condemned the incident and called for the restoration of peace and tranquility in the state, ”Sultan tweeted.

Various Muslim organizations have demanded an investigation into the incident and action against the culprits. Meanwhile, the fact that no one has been arrested so far in the violence has led to huge protests.

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Violence began on Thursday

As per the reports, the violence began on Thursday evening, and the attack took place in Agartala, Kailashahar, Udaipur, Krishna Nagar, and Dharmanagar. Police in the area has announced a curfew.

Students Islamic Organization Tripura, a Muslim student group in the northeastern state, urged the authorities to take strict action against the attackers and ensure the safety of Muslims in the state.

“We strongly condemn the brutal attack and vandalism on Advocate Abdul Basit Khan’s house and a mosque (on Waqf land) adjacent to his house today by a Hindutva fanatic mob,” the Muslim group said in a statement on Thursday, maktoobmedia reported.

appeal for peace

Meanwhile, Pradyot Manikya, a prominent member of the former royal family of Tripura, condemned the violence and appealed for peace. Manikya is also the leader of the Swadeshi Progressive Regional Alliance. His tweet reads:

“Any motivated acts in our state where minorities are attacked as retaliation to what has happened in Bangladesh must be condemned! Please remember Two wrongs don’t make a right …. I appeal for peace amongst all religions in our state.”

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