Know about five sigma event happening in Antarctica due to climate change

Know about six sigma event happening in Antarctica due to climate change

Antarctic sea ice, which has historically been able to recover during the winter, is now experiencing an alarming decline. This winter has seen an unprecedented trend, as sea ice around Antarctica has not returned to expected levels, leaving scientists puzzled and concerned about its future recovery. In previous years, the sea ice extent of the … Read more

Time has gone, We can’t save Arctic from becoming ice free in summers

Arctic sea ice melting faster: No summer ice expected a decade sooner

The future of Arctic sea ice hangs in the balance as researchers predict an accelerating timeline for its disappearance. Scientists found that the Arctic could experience dramatic ice cover loss as early as the 2030s. Traditionally, the month of September marked the minimum ice area, but the new Research suggests the region could be ice-free … Read more

Vanishing glaciers put mountain ecosystems at risk

Vanishing glaciers put mountain ecosystems at risk

Glacier melting caused by climate change is occurring at an alarming rate, warns a recent study by the University of Leeds and the University of Essex. The study highlights that invertebrates residing in the cold meltwater rivers of the European Alps are at risk of losing their habitat. This will result in the migration of … Read more

Glacier melt breaks records around the world

Glacier melt breaks records around the world

The world’s glaciers melted at breakneck speed last year, a phenomenon that seems impossible to stop, the UN has warned. The past eight years have been the hottest ever recorded, while concentrations of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide reached new records, the World Meteorological Organization recalled. “Antarctic sea ice has fallen to its lowest … Read more

Shocking: Arctic sea contain 10 times more microplastics than seawater

Gray whales ingest over 20 million microplastic particles every day: study

Melosira arctica, a species of algae found in Arctic sea ice, has been found to contain microplastic particles in concentrations ten times greater than those present in the surrounding seawater, according to a study from the Alfred Wegener Institute published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. This discovery is worrying as it poses a significant … Read more

Top 10 most famous and popular Glaciers in India

The New Normal: 2022 sets alarming Climate Change Milestones

India is home to a number of magnificent glaciers, each with its own unique features and importance. According to a recent study, glaciers in the Himalayas have been melting at a rate of 8.1 percent per decade, which could have severe consequences for the region’s water supply. The study, which was conducted by the Indian … Read more

Antarctic sea ice all-time low, How does this affect the planet?

Antarctic sea ice all-time low, How does this affect the planet?

The extent of Antarctic sea ice has registered a new historical minimum after it was reduced to 1.91 million square kilometres on February 13, according to data from the National Ice Data Center and Snow Protection Agency (NSIDC). On that date, the levels fell below the previous record of 1.92 million square kilometres, set on … Read more

Climate Change: World’s glaciers melting faster than expected

Climate Change: World's glaciers melting faster than expected

In the remainder of the century and if urgent measures are not taken to stop global warming, a minimum of 60% of the glaciers of the entire globe could disappear before 2100. This 60% loss is estimated in the best of cases, with an increase of 1.5ºC in temperature, less than the 2.7ºC average global … Read more

Pandemic level viruses locked in glaciers that are melting faster than before

Climate Change: World's glaciers melting faster than expected

The origin of the next pandemic that humanity suffers could not be in bats, monkeys or birds, but in the melting of the ice of the poles, where countless viruses and bacteria live frozen. Findings from a new study indicate that as global temperatures rise due to climate change, viruses and bacteria hidden in glaciers … Read more

The Doomsday Glacier: Impending Global Warming Crisis 

doomsday glacier is inch away from disintegration

The Doomsday Glacier is melting: Scientists predict that the loss of an Antarctica glacier the size of Florida would result in a 10-foot rise in sea levels worldwide. It’s melting quickly already, and geologists predict that in the years to come, the rate of collapse will only grow. Many of the largest cities across the … Read more