Over 750 doctors Covid positive from 6 big hospitals of Delhi

COVID's true death toll: millions more than official counts

Ground Report | New Delhi: At least 750 doctors, over a hundred nurses, and paramedics from six major hospitals in Delhi have tested positive for COVID-19. Although most of them have mild symptoms of corona infection, this is affecting the efficiency of the hospitals. All these health workers are currently in isolation and are in … Read more

AIIMS, ICMR new guidelines for treatment of patients with ‘moderate’ case of COVID-19

AIIMS, ICMR-COVID-19 Task Force and Joint Monitoring Group have issued new guidelines for adult patients of corona virus. In this, patients are divided into mild, moderate and severe and their treatment methods are explained. According to AIIMS, a patient is classified as having a moderate case of COVID-19 if their respiratory rate is more than 24 … Read more