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AIIMS, ICMR new guidelines for treatment of patients with ‘moderate’ case of COVID-19

AIIMS, ICMR-COVID-19 Task Force and Joint Monitoring Group have issued new guidelines for adult patients of corona virus. In

By Ground Report
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AIIMS, ICMR-COVID-19 Task Force and Joint Monitoring Group have issued new guidelines for adult patients of corona virus. In this, patients are divided into mild, moderate and severe and their treatment methods are explained.

According to AIIMS, a patient is classified as having a moderate case of COVID-19 if their respiratory rate is more than 24 breaths per minute and their SpO2 levels — level of oxygen saturation — are between 90% to 93% on room air.

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Those adult patients who have mild disease will come under the category of mild infection who have no difficulty in breathing.

Moderate category means those patients in severe infections whose oxygen level is between 93% and 90% in room air.

Those in the Sevier or Dangerous category are patients whose oxygen level is less than 90% in room air.

Patients with mild disease have been advised to stay in home isolation, follow social distancing and consult a doctor.

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Moderate class patients have been advised to be admitted to the ward, where they can get oxygen support. During this time, it is advised to do chest whistle and X-ray if the patient is serious.

Patients in the sevior category have been advised to be admitted to the ICU. During this time, according to their condition, respiratory support has been asked to be given.

Moderate and Severe category patients have been asked to be discharged from the hospital on the basis of discharge criterion following clinical improvement.

People over the age of 60, those suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney, lung, liver disease, are more likely to be seriously ill. The death rate has also been seen in these.

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Remadecivir can only be used for patients in the Moderate and Severe category who do not require oxygen support.

Patients present in home isolation and not taking oxygen support have been advised not to use remadecivir injection.

Critically ill patients who have been admitted to the ICU for 24–48 hours and whose disease is becoming serious have been advised to give tocilizumab.

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