Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan?

Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan; The young girl in one of the caverns of Bamiyan has set up a group of kids for the “Informal school” so the course of training and childhood in the area doesn’t stop. In this school, most of the students are little girls at age … Read more

Afghanistan’s Tilt towards the West

Afghanistan's Tilt towards the West

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghanistan West; The Taliban’s swift takeover of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stunned Afghans who had been suffering for a long time. Furthermore, Afghanistan was further hampered by weak economic conditions, insecurity, COVID-19, government incompetence, corruption, revenue reduction, and drought. Due to reduced foreign aid and support after the takeover, … Read more

India going to open its embassy in Afghanistan

India going to open its embassy in Afghanistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian embassy in Afghanistan; Most of the countries that had vacated their embassies after the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August this year, want to show their presence in the country, including India. According to the report of The Hindu, several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Japan, and … Read more

Failure to recognize Afghan govt could have global effects: Taliban

Failure to recognize Afghan govt could have global effects: Taliban

Ground Report | New Delhi: Recognize Afghan govt; The Taliban has called on the United States and the international community to recognize their government in Afghanistan because failure to do so and freezing funds abroad would create problems not only for Afghanistan but also for the world. At a press conference on Saturday, Taliban spokesman … Read more

India offers help to Afghanistan, but no money promise

India-China relations are in toughest phase: S Jaishankar

Ground Report | New Delhi: India offers help to Afghanistan; In a high-level meeting of the United Nations on the issue of providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said that as before, India is still in favor of supporting the Afghan people. India offers help to Afghanistan According to … Read more

Ashraf Ghani apologizes to Afghans, says I did not run away with money

Ashraf Ghani to flee with $169 million

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ashraf Ghani apologizes to Afghans; Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghan has apologized to his fellow countrymen. He fled the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15. Nearly three weeks after fleeing the country, Ghani issued a statement apologizing to the citizens of Afghanistan. ALSO READ: Why Shame on Times of … Read more

Afghan developments: India in contact with US and Russia

Afghan developments India in contact with US and Russia

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghan developments; The Taliban on Tuesday announced the top leadership of their government in Afghanistan. The announcement came about a month after the Taliban captured Kabul. Taliban’s chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a news conference on Tuesday evening that it is an interim government and Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the … Read more

Complete control over Panjshir, claim Afghan Taliban

Taliban is building an army of one lakh members

Ground Report | New Delhi: Complete control over Panjshir; Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has claimed full control of Panjshir province, where the “Resistance Front” led by Ahmed Masood was fighting the Taliban. In a statement on Twitter, Zabihullah Mujahid assured the people of Panjshir that no retaliation would be taken against them. “Everyone is our … Read more

What is happening in Panjshir?

Taliban is building an army of one lakh members

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening in Panjshir; The Afghan Taliban, after gaining control of most of the country’s districts, are now consulting to form a government, but the issue of Panjshir Province remains unresolved and the Taliban and the “Resistance Front” in Panjshir, led by Ahmed Masood, The two sides are claiming … Read more

China will increase cooperation with Afghanistan in BRI

Ground Report | New Delhi: China will increase cooperation; Since the capture of the Taliban in Afghanistan, many changes are clearly visible at the global level as well. The position of China has also become very important after the capture of Taliban. China, Russia and Pakistan are among the few countries that have kept their embassies … Read more