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Supreme Court suspends implementation of all three farm laws

The Supreme Court has stayed the implementation of farmers, law three agricultural laws till the next order.

By Ground Report
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The Supreme Court has stayed the implementation of the three agricultural laws till the next order. Various farmers organizations have been sitting on a dharna on the Delhi border since last month regarding these laws made last year.

The court has also constituted a committee for further talks in this regard. The members of this committee will be - BS Mann, Pramod Kumar Joshi, Ashok Gulati and Anil Dhanwant.

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During the hearing, the court asked the protesting farmers to cooperates and said that 'no power can stop them from setting up a committee to remove the deadlock on agricultural laws'.

The hearing has started in the Supreme Court on the second day on petitions related to agricultural laws. The court is going to issue orders in this regard today.

During the hearing, Chief Justice SA Bobde commented on the attitude of the protesting farmers and said that 'we are setting up a committee so that we can get a clear picture'.

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He said, "We do not want to hear the argument that the farmers do not want to come to the committee, we want to solve the problem. If the farmers want to agitate for eternity then they can." He also said that 'we are planning to suspend the laws but not indefinitely'.

committee and the next order. The court has also constituted a four-member committee to negotiate. In this committee, HS Mann, Pramod Kumar Joshi, Ashok Gulati and Anil Dhanwant will be members of BKU. This committee will look into the complaints of farmers against the new agricultural laws and will find a solution.

The Supreme Court had given a clear message yesterday that it would send the issue to the committee. When the hearing started in the court today, the farmers refused to go to the committee, after which the Supreme Court rebuked and said that no power in the world can stop it from forming a committee. 

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Sharma, a lawyer for the farmers, had said that the farmers do not want to go before the committee. But the Attorney General said that the committee is a good idea and we welcome it. 

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said that no power in the world could prevent it from forming a committee to end the impasse over new agricultural laws and has the right to suspend the law to address the problem. 

He said on the performance of the farmers, "We are concerned about protecting the lives and property of the people." The court also sought cooperation from the farmers' organizations and said that those who want the right solution on the agricultural laws will go to the committee.

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