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How to Find the Best Kolkata to Bangalore Flight Fares

Securing the best Kolkata to Bangalore flight fares requires strategic planning. By booking in advance, staying flexible, and exploring budget options, travellers can enjoy a cost-effective journey to vibrant Bangalore.

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It is always wise to look for the cheapest Kolkata to Bangalore flight prices that will help reduce costs greatly. This guide contains advice on how to search for and successfully find the cheapest flights in order to get the best possible deals. When you get to Bangalore, the city presents you with historical backgrounds, diverse cultures and eye-opening landmarks, all in a package that is economical to boot.

Finding the Best Kolkata to Bangalore Flight Fares

Use Flight Comparison Websites: There are good booking sites that help users compare  Kolkata to Bangalore flight fares, sometimes even in terms of ticket prices. They also have factors such as drop alerts, which let you know when the prices have dropped.

Book in Advance: In most cases, it is safer to book your flight early as this gives you an opportunity to land better deals. It is advisable to make a booking at least a few weeks before your actual travel, as this tends to cost more than booking in advance.

Be Flexible with Dates: For those who have the liberty to choose travel dates, these online websites offer calendars that reflect the cheapest days to fly. At times, the fares are cheaper when there are many flights in the week or on days that are not popular for travelling.

Consider Budget Airlines: Looking at the airfares, low-cost airlines tend to charge slightly lower prices compared to their full-service counterparts. But as always, it is wise to consider any extras or limitations that may come with the listed prices before making a reservation.

Check for Discounts and Deals: When searching for the best Bangalore to Kolkata flight price, read about the offered airfare often and look for discounted fares, promotions, sales, and other similar things. As for the Internet, one should follow the airline’s newsletter and social network accounts to be aware of such promotions.

Clear Browser Cookies: Certain flight and hotel search engines monitor your browsing history and may increase the fare or the price of a hotel room if you have been searching for the same flight or hotel multiple times. It’s advisable to delete the cookies on your browser or opt for a private browsing mode sometimes to unearth cheaper fares.

Consider Alternate Airports: Sometimes it may be more economical to arrive or depart from other nearby airports which could be near your final destination. Other options that may be available to you may be to take flights from other cities close to Kolkata or Bangalore or take from other nearby airports.

Use Airline Rewards Programs: If you are a frequent traveller either for business or employment, it is advisable to enrol in the airline's frequent flying programs so that in the course of your travelling, you earn points or miles that can enable you to travel at a cheaper or free rate.

Places to Explore in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city with a rich history and cultural places of interest aside from its great, contemporary amenities. Here are places to explore while visiting:

Bangalore Palace: This magnificent palace, which resembles the Windsor Palace in England, is among the sites that any tourist would like to visit due to the design, beautiful gardens, and culture rooted in this monument.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Lalbagh is another place that has many green carpets in and around Bangalore. It is famous for its aptly called tropical plants, two beautiful lakes, and Glass House, which is an annual flower show.

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace: These are buildings that were built in 1791 and are designed in Indo-Islamic architecture style. This palace provides informative education for the people about the history of the life of Tipu Sultan, the king of Mysore.

ISKCON Temple: ISKCON temple in Bangalore is famous for its construction, pollution-free environment and daily ritualistic worship.

Vidhana Soudha: Stating the legislative assembly is a remarkable piece of architecture and stands as a source of pride, especially at night when it's illuminated.

Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills also deserves to be considered an attractive tourist destination due to its beautiful nature, fresh climate, and opportunities for tourists to recreation in freighting, trekking, and paragliding. It is situated about 60km away from Bangalore.


Securing the best Kolkata to Bangalore flight fares requires strategic planning and leveraging online tools. By booking in advance, staying flexible, and exploring budget options, travellers can enjoy a cost-effective journey to vibrant Bangalore.

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