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Sikkim’s flood impact: Water treatment plants in recovery mode

Sikkim's flood impact: Water treatment plants in recovery mode

In Sikkim, Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) have not been established. Instead, each factory operates its own water treatment plants, providing captive treatment facilities.

The pharmaceutical industry in particular employs a special system known as the Online Continuous Effluent Monitoring System (OCEMS) to monitor water quality continuously. The Sikkim State Pollution Control Board (SPCB-Sikkim) is responsible for making this data publicly available.

The state operates nine sewage treatment plants that handle the majority of the city’s water treatment needs. However, recent severe floods on October 4, 2023, have reportedly caused damage to some sewage treatment plants in Melli, Singtam, and Rangpo.

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Operational Status of STP

Sl. No.LocationExisting STP Capacity (MLD)Operational Status of STP
1.Gangtok Zone I, Adampool8.0Operational
2.Gangtok Zone I, Adampool4.69
3.Gangtok Zone I, Ranipool1.27Operational
4.Gangtok Zone IV, Lower Sichey3.90Operational
8.Gangtok Zone II, Lower Syari1.60Operational

In rural areas, sewage is treated in a captive manner. As part of the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen Phase II, initiatives are underway to encourage residents to replace their old single pit septic tanks with new twin pit septic tanks.

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PHED proposed following STPs in other locations

Sl. No.LocationCapacity of the Proposed STP (MLD)Likely Date of Completion
1.Namchi3.63December 2025
2.Jorethang1.6December 2025
3.Geyzing1.80December 2025
4.Mangan0.98December 2025
5.Chungthang0.72December 2025
6.Gangtok Zone III, Tathangchen3.25December 2023

The Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) has proposed the establishment of six new sewage treatment plants. Among these, the Tathangchen STP in Gangtok Zone III is expected to be completed by December 2023. This information was provided in a report by the Sikkim State Pollution Control Board.

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