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Sidhu's advisor do not consider J&K part of India: Congress MP

Sidhu's advisor do not consider; Congress leader Manish Tewari has urged the Punjab Congress to introspect whether those who do not consider

By Ground Report
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Ground Report | New Delhi; Sidhu's advisor do not consider; Congress leader Manish Tewari has urged the Punjab Congress to introspect whether those who do not consider Jammu and Kashmir a part of India should be in the party or not. The MP (MP) and former Union Minister of Punjab was referring to the remarks made by two advisors of Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu on Pakistan and Kashmir.

Tewari said in a tweet on August 23 "I urge Harish Rawat, AICC general secretary, and incharge Punjab to seriously introspect that those who do not consider J&K to be a part of India & others who have ostensibly Pro Pakistan leanings should be a part of Punjab Congress. It mocks all those who shed blood for India,” 

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Malvinder Singh Mali, one of the four advisors to Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu, courted controversy on Wednesday when he claimed that Kashmir is a separate country and both India and Pakistan are illegal occupiers.

Sidhu's advisor Facebook post

Malvinder Singh Mali wrote on Facebook that "Kashmir is the country of Kashmiri people, as two new countries India and Pakistan were established in 1947 by breaking two pieces of Punjab and Bengal, similarly on the rules of UNO Pakistan has illegal occupation of Kashmir in two parts of the country by violating the decisions of Kashmir's alliance with India."

He further added " No law made by the central government about any departments except four departments could have been implemented in Jammu and Kashmir until it is passed by the Kashmir Legislative Assembly. After sending millions of soldiers, why has Jammu and Kashmir been converted into an open jail for how long?

Mali added "If Kashmir was a part of India like the other states, then why did they say at the time of abolishing Article 370-35 A that now Haryana boys will be able to marry beautiful Kashmiris and anyone will be able to buy land there:

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While Navjot Singh Sidhu has remained silent on the issue, Captain Amarinder Singh's close aide and Punjab government spokesperson Raj Kumar Verka slammed Malvinder Singh Mali for his tweet. He advised the gardener not to spread hatred.

"I think the issue of Kashmir is very sensitive and this kind of comment should be avoided. It has hurt the sentiments of the people of this country. I do not know Malvinder Mali and in what context he issued this statement. But they should speak within limits. Promoting brotherhood and patriotism is good but creating hatred is bad,” Congress leader Raj Kumar Verka said.

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