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Home » SHO suspended for stopping Hindutva group from harassing Maulvi

SHO suspended for stopping Hindutva group from harassing Maulvi

SHO suspended for stopping Hindutva

Ground Report | New Delhi: SHO suspended for stopping Hindutva; Delhi Police has suspended Adarsh ​​Nagar police station in-charge (SHO) CP Bhardwaj, who had intervened and prevented a Hindutva group from torturing a maulvi of a shrine a week ago. A video regarding this matter became increasingly viral on social media, in which Bharadwaj can be seen intervening. He had also warned the person concerned not to repeat all this again.

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SHO suspended for stopping Hindutva

According to the “The Wire‘ report, Delhi Police claims that Bhardwaj has been suspended due to ‘not working properly. He also said that several complaints were also filed against CP Bhardwaj. However, this action is being linked to the viral video where the officer stopped the person from torturing the cleric.

SSO Bhardwaj had told the person of the Hindutva organization that if they want to complain about any illegal religious construction, then the Delhi government has formed a committee for it, they can go there and speak, but like this on the road Tamasha will not be allowed.

On Wednesday, news agency ANI quoted Delhi Police as saying that the officer has been suspended in view of “negligence in compliance of duty and several complaints lodged against him”.

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Hindutva youths confront maulvi

In the video, a young man carrying a saffron-coloured gamchha on his shoulder asks the cleric a question about when the flyover was built, on which the cleric explains that the new flyover was built in 2009 and the first one was constructed in 1982 before the Asian Games. He then says that this was told to him by his elders, who have passed away.

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The youth asks questions like where do the clerics cook and where do their children live. After this the young man asks the cleric, ‘How many such shrines are running like this, then the SHO of Adarsh ​​Nagar CP Bhardwaj is seen in the video.

Bhardwaj asked those people that ‘Who has given you this right to put such pressure on the citizens of India. If you want to say something, you have to take the legal route.

The SHO said that on the instructions of the Supreme Court, the Delhi government has formed a religious committee, and if they have any problem then they should go to that committee and talk about it. CP Bhardwaj had also warned the person concerned that legal action would be taken against him if he tried to threaten him again.

Responding patiently in the video, the youth from HHO Saffron Ka Gamcha Lapete says, ‘Any such structure is reviewed in the committee, views of all stakeholders are taken and if any structure is found to be obstructing any interest. or obstructs traffic, then it is shifted.

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