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Scientists in China discussed weaponising coronavirus in 2015

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From December 2019, the whole world began to change slowly. Outbreaks of covid virus gradually spread beyond the borders of China to the rest of the world, including the Americas, Asia and Europe. 

Since then, heads of state, including then-US President Donald Trump, have pointed fingers at China over the spread of the virus. However, there is no evidence that China spread the virus intentionally or unintentionally. 

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However, the news came five years ago that the country’s scientists had thought about this.

In 2015, Chinese scientists and health officials called the SARS corona virus a “new age genetic tool.” The SARS corona virus was also thought to be used as a weapon, according to a Weekend Australia report.

The Weekend Australia report claims that biological weapons could be the main weapon in a possible third world war. The report reveals how Chinese military scientists planned to use the corona as a biological weapon five years ago. 

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Peter Jennings, director of the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy, told the News Australia website: “I think this document is very important because it proves that Chinese scientists were planning to use this contagious virus in the military.

 This suggests that the virus may have spread from China to the rest of the world by accident.

As well as Peter Jennings’ claim, this may be the reason why China did not want any investigation into the corona virus. Because they didn’t want the rest of the world to know that China has long been thinking of using the corona virus in the military. 


If the virus had really spread from China’s ‘weight market’, China should have been helped to find it.

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