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Bone Health Care: 5 Ways to Keep Bones Healthy and Strong in Winter

During winters there is a sudden increase in bone related problems, which can be due to various reasons. Is a result of. People tend to reduce physical activity during the cold season compared to summer. Due to which the bone weakens with stiffening. In this case, vitamin D can be beneficial for the health of bones. During the winter season, the sun comes out less, due to which there is a deficiency of vitamin-D in the body of the people. Due to which the bone starts to weaken.

How to keep bones strong in winter

Workout: By keeping the body physically active, bones are not weakened and are also flexible. Workouts add strength to the bones and keep them healthy. Even in winter one should do daily workouts. 

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Balanced diet: To maintain bone health, it is important that you take important nutrients through food. Vitamin-D and calcium are two nutrients that strengthen bones. Eat such foods which are rich in vitamin-D, calcium, protein, vitamin-C, pre-biotic and vitamin-K.

Take care of the posture: Most people are working from home due to lockdown. Because of which sitting on the same place for a long time, the body swells. During this time, by keeping your back and bones in the correct posture, bone health is good.  

Reduce intake of caffeine: Consumption of caffeine can obstruct the absorption of calcium by the body. It further weakens bones due to insufficient calcium in the body. Reduce the intake of caffeine or even use milk in your coffee.

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Quit smoking: Smoke causes the bones to become fragile, which increases the chances of getting a disease like osteoporosis. So quit smoking for strength of bones.

By following all these tips, you will not have problems related to bones in winter and they will be healthy. Apart from this, do not do any work that will damage the bones and finally drink plenty of water. 


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