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Scientists have found new way to deliver oxygen to body

A molecule model with reflection on a dark surrounding. Sulfanilamide if someone is really interested !! Sulfanilamide was a medicine used to treat streptococcal infections. One version of the drug, in liquid form, was introduced in the market after having being tested only for flavor, appearance and fragrance but not for toxicity. It caused the deaths of more than 100 people back in 1937. As we are all awaiting the cure for COVID19 let his be a reminder of what untested, unsafe and "rushed to market" drugs can do to people.

During Covid, many people died in India due to lack of oxygen because ventilators were not available. What if ventilator is not needed? Scientists are trying to find a way that oxygen can be given from the anus.

Ground Report | New Delhi: Japanese researchers say that mammalian organisms can also breathe through their entrails. During the research, the scientists reduced their oxygen levels to pigs and mice and put them in deadly conditions, and found that they started breathing through the anus to prevent the respiratory system from failing. In the event of closure, efforts can be made to find a solution to maintain the level of oxygen in the body.

Chief researcher Takanori Takbe, who teaches at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, writes in an article in Cell Press, “In the face of pneumonia or other dangerous diseases of the respiratory system, the role of artificial respiratory support becomes important in treatment. But our approach is such It can open a new path towards providing help to patients suffering from dangerous diseases. But its impact on humans and an in-depth assessment of safety is necessary. “

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Takabe said that the inspiration for this discovery came from some aquatic organisms that use the abdomen to breathe. Researchers wanted to find out if pigs and mice could do the same. Usually, a search for humans is first used on these organisms.

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Injection oxygen

Dr. Takbe says that we also know that some parts of the anus can absorb medicine or nutrition well. Drugs or liquids can also be transported into the body from the anus, from where they merge into the blood and reach the rest of the body. The researchers injected oxygen into mice with oxygen from oxygen sacs through lack of oxygen. During the study, the rat died within 11 minutes due to very low oxygen level. But when they were given oxygen from the anus, 75 percent of the rats remained alive for 50 minutes despite reducing their life to dangerous levels.

Researchers clearly say that this is not a permanent solution and can only be used as an interim solution for 20 to 60 minutes. To use this method properly, he also had to scrape the layer of entrails. That is, its use in critically ill patients will not be possible. Other experts believe the same. Dr. Ashok Budharaja of Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi says, “He was scratched to thin the entrails so that the thin membranes could absorb oxygen. Then oxygen levels rose. But looking at the complex structure of the human body, a sick person This idea is impractical on humans to scrape the lining of the intestines or any other organ. ” Although Dr. Budhraja was not part of the research.

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New idea

The idea of ​​delivering oxygen from the anus is not new. Last year, a small-scale study was conducted in Spain in which a similar experiment was conducted. In that study, published in SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine, researchers transported ozone from the anus in four patients suffering from severe pneumonia caused by covid-19. In that research, it was found that this way increased the level of oxygen in the blood and reduced the irritation. Ozone gas is made up of three atoms of oxygen. Researchers then came to the conclusion that giving ozone from the anus could be an effective, inexpensive, safe, and simple alternative.

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Japanese scientists are preparing to start a pre-clinical trial of their experiment and would like to use humans in the next two years. Takbe says that if their discovered method is so developed that it can be used on humans, then it can be used on patients whose respiratory system has failed due to covid-19. However, Dr. Budharaja says that a long way will have to go to reach that place. He reminds that the capacity to send gas from the intestines to the intestines is not much.

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