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Why are Government's eyes on Twitter?

Delhi Police knocked on Twitter's offices in Gurugram and Delhi. Twitter had declared a tweet by BJP Sambit Patra as 'manipulated media',

By Ground report
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Ground report | New Delhi: Delhi Police knocked on Twitter's offices in Gurugram and Delhi. Twitter had declared a tweet by Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Sambit Patra as 'manipulated media', in which the facts have been twisted. Patra and several other BJP leaders had shared some documents on social media describing the Congress party's 'tool kit' and claimed that the party was plotting to discredit the Modi government.

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The Congress had complained about this to Twitter and claimed that these documents are fake. After this, Twitter had tagged this post as 'Manipulated Media'. Delhi Police received a complaint against Twitter about this on Monday, on which it immediately started an investigation and went to the Twitter offices and served a notice. In a statement, Delhi Police said, "It was very important because we wanted to make sure who was the right person to be given notice as the answers to the tweet were coming from 'Twitter India MD' who were unclear."

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The social media company Twitter says that it tags any post, including videos, audio and photographs, as 'manipulated media' that have been tampered with and twisted facts. However, Twitter has not commented on the current issue. In a tweet, BJP national spokesperson Sanju Verma said that who gave Twitter the right to call a tweet as 'manipulated'. He wrote, "My reaction to the Twitter deception is that they refuse to respond to hateful messages by Sharjeel Usmani and dare to revoke the right. Who has the right to tag a tweet as 'manipulated'?" Diya? Is Twitter not guilty? "

The government is being criticized in many cases for the latest action on Twitter. Tejashwi Yadav, son of former Union Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav and Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly, tweeted that the Indian government is tarnishing the name of the country worldwide. He wrote, "After spoiling Brand India in front of the world through criminal propaganda for the sake of power, campaigning and handling epidemics, the government is now blackening its face by raiding Twitter India. It is shameful."

On the other hand, Rajat Sethi, Advisor to the Government of Manipur, told it to stand in front of big technology companies of India. Sethi wrote, "India finally stood in front of the big tech companies and told them who the boss is."

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