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Sanjay reservoir dries up: MP's Pithampur faces water shortage

Pithampur is facing a severe water shortage as the Sanjay Reservoir, which supplies water to the factories has dried up.

By Apoorva
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Pithampur is an industrial hub located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The place is facing a severe water shortage as the Sanjay Reservoir, which supplies water to the factories in the area, has dried up. This has raised concerns among the factory owners and workers. Let's delve into the details of this situation.

Water Shortage Crisis in Pithampur

Pithampur is home to over 1,500 industrial units, including automobile, pharmaceutical, and engineering factories. The factories require a huge amount of water for their daily operations. The Sanjay Reservoir, located in the nearby district of Dewas, has been the primary source of water for these factories for years. However, due to poor monsoon rainfall last year, the reservoir has now dried up. This has caused a major water crisis in Pithampur.

As a result, the factories are now facing a severe shortage of water, which has severely affected their operations. The situation has also led to job losses, as many factories have been forced to shut down or reduce their production capacity.

Efforts to Mitigate the Crisis

The Madhya Pradesh government has taken several steps to mitigate the water crisis in Pithampur. The government has set up a task force to monitor the situation and come up with solutions to address the problem. The task force has suggested several measures, including the use of groundwater and rainwater harvesting, to supplement the water supply to the factories.

The government has also proposed a plan to set up a pipeline from the Narmada River to Pithampur, which would ensure a steady supply of water to the factories. However, this plan is still in its initial stages, and it may take some time before it can be implemented.

Impact on the Industrial Sector

The water shortage crisis in Pithampur has had a significant impact on the industrial sector in the area. Many factories have been forced to reduce their production capacity, while some have even shut down completely. This has led to job losses and a decline in the overall economic activity in the region.

Moreover, the water crisis has also affected the quality of life of the residents of Pithampur. This has led to protests and demonstrations by the locals, who are demanding that the government take urgent steps to address the problem.


The water shortage crisis in Pithampur is a clear indication of the challenges that the industrial sector in India is facing. The government and the private sector have to work together and find sustainable solutions to water scarcity. It is imperative that immediate steps are taken to mitigate the crisis and prevent it from escalating further.

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