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Salman Rushdie’s house in Himachal Pradesh attacked

Salman Rushdie's house in Himachal Pradesh attacked

Unknown assailants allegedly ransacked the ancestral home of British-American author Salman Rushdie in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan on Wednesday, even as police investigate the case, authorities said.

According to an official, Rajesh Tripathi, the caretaker of the house, alleged that some people ransacked the Villa Anees owned by Rushdie on Wednesday around 1 p.m. On the afternoon of November 23, when he was present at Anees Villa with Salman Rushdie’s family friend Rani Shankardas and her son Aniruddha Shankardas, Govind Ram along with her son and some other people entered illegally.

Tripathi said that Rani Shankar Das and her son Aniruddha Shankar Das, who are friends of Rushdie’s family, were present at the house when the incident occurred.

Tripathi said that Govind Ram along with his son and some people broke into the house and ransacked it. He alleged that Govind Ram broke the locks on two doors and a mirror with a hammer.

When the inmates tried to stop them, Ram, his son and others threatened to kill them, Tripathi said.

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ASP Solan Ajay Kumar Rana said that following the complaint at the Sadar Police Station, an investigation was launched. It should be recalled that Rushdie suffered three serious wounds to the neck and 15 more wounds to the chest and torso in the attack that took the sight in one eye and disabled one hand in an attack at a literary event in western New York on August 12 this year.

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