Disha Ravi claims ‘Save soil movement of Sadhguru is shady’

Indian environment activist Disha Ravi, associated with Fridays for Future, has described the Save Soil Movement of Sadhguru as shady.

She said in her tweet that “You don’t need to know everything about the environment to know that Sadhguru’s save soil movement is shady. A man who has been grabbing land from Adivasis and has his foundation on forest land has little interest in saving soil. A google search would have told you as much.”

What is Save Soil Movement?

Let us tell you that Save Soil is a global movement of Spiritual Guru Sadhguru. The purpose of which is to make people aware of the land degradation happening around the world. The initiative was presented on 5 April at the United Nations in Geneva by the Isha Foundation and supported by the WHO, UN SDG lab, and IUCN.

As part of this campaign, the Spiritual Guru will undertake a 100-day motorcycle journey in which he will pass through 26 countries and make them aware of soil degradation.

They will guide people to leave chemical-rich farming and explain the benefits of organic farming, so that the quality of the soil can be improved again.

Disha Ravi vs Sadhguru

Disha Ravi has claimed in her tweet that Sadhguru, who has been snatching the land of tribals for his ashram, his claim of saving soil seems sham. Disha has made this claim probably on the basis of allegations leveled against Isha Foundation by Muthammal, a 50-year-old tribal woman from Mullankad village in Coimbatore district. This woman claims that Isha Foundation has wrongly taken possession of her land.

Muthammal vs Sadhguru

Often people with money and power are able to suppress the voices of the poor, the system does not even allow them to fight for their rights. But there are many such courageous people in the world who raise their voices without fear of system and power and bring the dark exploits of big people to the fore.

Something similar happened with more than 200 tribal families of Mullankad Village. 50-year-old Muthammal became the voice for them, who accused the Isha Foundation of how this foundation of Sadhguru has grabbed land from the tribals and has built illegal construction on the forest land.

First, the people of the Isha Foundation gathered information from these tribals about the herbs present in the forest. When their work was done, the entry of these tribals was banned by doing fencing there.

They were told that now they will have to get permission to enter the forest. For many years, due to this forest, the house of more than 200 tribal families used to run. The members of the ashram had now occupied the forest.

The entire dispute is over 44 acres of land on which Muthamma claims that this land was donated to her community by Muthuswamy Govandar, who worked with Muthamma’s ancestors.

Her parents also lived on this land. He did not even know when his land was bought by Isha Foundation. The Muthamma and other tribals were told that they would be given pattas on the land but so far this has not happened.

But despite the laws, these tribals, who are considered as the real protectors of the forest and soil, have been evicted from their land and the system is standing before a powerful man.

However, Sadhguru claimed in a video that he would leave the country if he had bought any land wrongly, and it gets proved.

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