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Home » Saddam, Gaddafi also used to hold elections and win: Rahul Gandhi

Saddam, Gaddafi also used to hold elections and win: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

In a virtual conversation with US-based Brown University faculty and students, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has talked about the country’s democratic system.

He was asked questions related to the report of international institutions which have underestimated the democratic position of India.

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On this, Rahul Gandhi said that institutions are on target and information is being controlled in support of the ruling party. He said that election is not a simple process in which people go and press the button on the voting machine, rather election is a fabricated process.

He said, “Elections are held under institutions which ensure that the structure of the country works properly. Elections are held to make the judiciary transparent and ensure debate in Parliament.”

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“The situation in India is worse, we do not need a stamp regarding that,” Mr Gandhi said when asked about the downgrade.

Taking prickly questions about calls for him to step aside from the Congress leadership, he said he was protecting a certain ideology in the party and would not give up just because someone else does not like it and continue to fight the BJP’s idealogical mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that he likened to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Along with this, the Congress leader said that elections were held under the rule of Saddam Hussein, ruler of Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and he won them.

He said, “Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi also used to conduct elections. They used to win them. It is not that they did not vote but there was no organizational structure to secure voting there.”

He also said he favoured internal democracy in the Congress and has promoted many leaders within the party.

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“I believe in certain ideas and I defend those ideas. I do not really care what my name is or who my grandfather was. There are certain ideas that I defend and I am going to defend them, whether anybody likes it or not,” he said

Recently, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted after Sweden’s V-Dame Institute’s Democracy Report revealed that ‘India will no longer be a democratic country’.

In fact, this report claimed the ‘fall of democratic freedom’ of India and said that India is moving towards ‘electoral autocracy.

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