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Rohingya refugees in India going through a period of uncertainty

There has been an atmosphere of fear in this community after the Rohingya refugees living in Delhi were detained by the police recently. 

By Ground Report
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How J&K jail was converted into holding centre for Rohingya refugees?

There has been an atmosphere of fear in this community after the Rohingya refugees living in Delhi were detained by the police recently. After the coup in Myanmar, the period of bloodshed there is questioning his future.

Farooq (name changed), who has been living as a Rohingya refugee in India since 2008, is living with double worries these days. They are worried about the military coup in Myanmar and the general public on the target of the army, as well as the police action on Rohingya refugees in India. 

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He says, "The Rohingya in India are scared these days, the police pick them up despite the identity card given by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees". On Wednesday, four members of the Rohingya family were taken to the police station from the Kanchan Kunj slum located in Kalindi Kunj area of ​​Delhi. A senior police officer said that it was a "regular operation" and that people had not been arrested.

The officer said that he was sent to FRRO as he did not have valid documents. The official said, "FRRO will register the cases and send them back to their country." 

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The police picked up six people from Kanchan Kunj on 23 March and six from Shram Vihar Camp on 24 March. Rohingya rights activists say that the identity card of only one of the people caught by the police expired and could not be renewed due to the corona virus.

Recently, 168 Rohingya refugees from Jammu were detained and preparations started to send them back to Myanmar. A petition has also been filed in the Supreme Court seeking his release. However, the court has reserved its verdict. The petition demanded that those who are kept in holding centers should not be sent back from India. Lawyer Prashant Bhushan has filed a petition on behalf of some Rohingya people. During the hearing, the Central Government lawyer Tushar Mehta said that India has not signed the Refugee Convention.

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According to government data, 13,700 foreigners, including Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshi nationals living in Jammu and Samba districts, are reported to have increased their population by more than six thousand between 2008 and 2016. Some political parties and organizations say that their presence is a threat to the peace of the region.

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