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Reaching Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi said I felt like coming back home

Ground Report | New Delhi: Reaching Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi; Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on a visit to Jammu and Kashmir, has demanded restoration of full statehood for Jammu and Kashmir and free and fair elections here.

Reaching Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi

During his two-day visit on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi reached Kheer Bhavani Temple and Hazratbal Masjid.

Addressing party workers in Srinagar, Rahul Gandhi said that after coming to Kashmir, it seems as if he has returned home.

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He said, “My family lives in Delhi. Before Delhi my family lived in Allahabad and before Allahabad my family lived here (Kashmir). My family members must have also drank water from Jhelum. Whatever your thoughts, traditions are, they are a little inside me too. What we call Kashmiriyat is a little bit inside me too, I feel like I am coming back, coming home.”

He said, “What you can get me done with love and respect, you can never get me done with hate and violence. And that is Kashmiriyat.”

The whole of India is being attacked’

Rahul Gandhi has said that the attack is not happening only on Jammu and Kashmir, this attack is happening on the whole of India.

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He said, “Ghulam Nabi Azad ji said that we should speak in Parliament. But we are not allowed to speak in Parliament. They suppress us in Parliament. I cannot speak in Parliament about Pegasus, Rafael, J&K, about corruption or about unemployment.

And these people are attacking all the institutions of India. Attacking the judiciary. They are attacking the Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.”

Along with this, he said that “India’s constitutional structure is also being attacked and rest of India in-direct and Jammu and Kashmir directly…”

Rahul Gandhi said that he wants a relationship of respect and love with Jammu and Kashmir, I fight against Narendra Modi, and we will fight and we will fight against Narendra Modi and his ideology of dividing India and violence and Will beat.”

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