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Raqeeb Farooqi iceman of Afghanistan left the country

Raqeeb Farooqi iceman of Afghanistan left the country

Ground Report | New Delhi: Raqeeb Farooqi iceman of Afghanistan; The Afghan athlete, known as the ‘Iceman of Afghanistan’, has left the country after his sports club in Ghor province was closed due to security threats.

Raqeeb Farooqi iceman of Afghanistan

Abdul Raqeeb Farooqi, the founder, and champion of freestyle football in Afghanistan described the security and sporting situation in Afghanistan as “worrisome” after the Taliban came to power.

“I tried to continue my game and fulfill my plans, but to no avail. During this time, unknown and suspicious people threatened me several times and eventually made me want to save my life and continue my sporting activities forced me to leave the country.

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The Afghan athlete earned the nickname “Iceman” after a hard and exhausting winter training in the cold waters of the snow-capped mountains of northern Afghanistan. He was about to enter the field of cinema and star in a Turkish series.

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Last year, Afghanistan’s ‘snowman’ said that the purpose of rigorous and exhausting sports training in winter is to show the world that the people of Afghanistan love their country and work for peace.

Who is Abdul Raqeeb Farooqi

23-year-old Abdul Rakib is a student of English Literature at Ghor University. He called on members of the peace negotiation teams to make peace for the progress of the youth of Afghanistan.

He said that youth can develop their sports skills peacefully and participate in competitions abroad. Farooqui urged the youth to engage in sports, believing that in this way they could protect themselves from war and drug addiction.

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He continued: “Freestyle is a sport that should be done in the foothills and valleys, but unfortunately a year has passed, we can’t go out at all, the safety problems have a negative effect; none of our teammates are out of town. Can’t go a kilometer away.

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