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Desperate Afghans citizens forced to sell daughters

Afghans forced to sell daughters; The Taliban rulers, who took over the country in August this year, still need international recognition

By Ground Report
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Desperate Afghans citizens forced to sell daughters

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghans forced to sell daughters; The Taliban rulers, who took over the country in August this year, still need international recognition and are currently trying to manage the country's overall predicament.

Afghans forced to sell daughters

The country is facing a continuing epidemic of coronavirus, the leading coronavirus. The country is going through a food crisis. Many families are facing life and death problems due to the winter season.

These issues are also mentioned in a report by the United Nations agency UNICEF. UNICEF provides humanitarian assistance for the development of children in the world's poorest and least developed countries. The agency's 2020 report states that most of Afghanistan's population is so poor that they lack access to safe drinking water and food, even though these are basic necessities.

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The sale of daughters

Muhammad Ibrahim, a resident of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, told DW that his family was in debt and he had no choice but to sell his seven-year-old daughter Jamila. Ibrahim further said that the lender started demanding and said that he would turn his house into ashes for non-payment. Then this man also advised Ibrahim to sell his daughter. After the threats of the rich man, Jamil felt safe to give up his daughter. Thus, a citizen of Kabul sold his daughter for 65,000 Afghanis to pay off a debt.

Sixty-five thousand afghanis are just six hundred and twenty euros. Afghani is the name of Afghanistan's most backward currency, which has depreciated sharply.

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The Afghan province of Badghis is facing severe famine and people are being forced to flee their homes. A family from the province lives in a refugee camp and one of their young daughters, Najiba, was sold for 50,000 afghanis due to extreme poverty. There are countless incidents that can be reported.

Najiba's father, Gul Ahmad, says he no longer has enough to live on, and if the Afghan people continue to be neglected and helpless, he will have to pay his remaining daughters fifty or thirty or twenty afghanis.

Increase in suicides

After the collapse of the Western-backed government and the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, the Taliban have succeeded in establishing a government in Afghanistan, but their difficulties have now increased.

The financial difficulties of Afghan citizens have multiplied since the formation of this government. Debt-ridden people have started selling all the valuables in the house to get rid of it. Many people thought it was appropriate to end their lives. In addition to the increase in suicides, many people suffer from severe psychological and mental disorders.

David Beazley, executive director of the World Food Program, a UN agency, called on the international community at an international meeting in Geneva earlier this week to take practical steps to reduce the plight of the Afghan people.

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