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Timeline: Gangster Raju Thehat and farmer Tarachand’s murder

sikar raju thehat murder story

Wearing the uniform of the coaching institute, 5 sharpshooters came to Raju Thehat’s house at Piprali Road, Sikar, Rajasthan, and killed a gangster in a shootout.

While running away after the murder, these killers tried to snatch the key from a person Tarachand Kadwasara standing near the Alto vehicle, when Tarachand protested, he was also shot dead. A person named Kailash Chandra was also shot in the leg and is being treated in the hospital.

Gangsters outside Raju's House in Sikar
Gangsters outside Raju’s House in Sikar

Supporters of Raju Thehat are protesting, demanding that they will not pick up the dead bodies of Raju Thehat and farmer Tarachand until the accused are caught.

Gangster Rohit Godara of the Lawrence Vishnoi gang has taken responsibility for this murder. The killers have also made a video of this incident.

Police have identified 4 of the 5 sharpshooters who carried out the incident. According to Rajasthan Director General of Police Umesh Mishra, the names of the criminals are Manish Jat, Vikram Gurjar, Satish Kumhar, and Jatin Meghwal. Till now 5 accused including sharpshooters are in custody. The search is on for the remaining miscreants.

Who was gangster Raju Thehat?

Who was gangster Raju Thehat

Raju Thehat was active in the world of crime for the last 24 years. He was 43 years old. He had enmity with the Anandpal gang, and several incidents of shootout and murder have taken place between the two gangs.

It is said that in 1997, Balbir and Raju used to be friends. A murder in 2005 turned their friendship into enmity.

Raju had killed Balbir’s brother-in-law Vijaypal. After this Balbir and Anandpal killed Raju’s close Gopal Phogavat.

Due to the enmity of these two, 15 murders took place. Balbir was killed in 2014.

Now Bishnoi gang has killed the Raju gangster to take revenge.

Who was farmer Tarachand, Killed in this gang war?

Who was farmer Tarachand, Killed in this gang war

The miscreants who came to kill gangster Raju also shot Tarachand Kadwasara, a resident of Nagaur Degana. He had gone to receive his daughter at the institute adjacent to the incident site. Seeing the attack on Raju, he called his daughter. The miscreants started snatching the car keys from him. When Tarachand opposed this, he was murdered.

Seeing the father’s dead body lying on the road, his daughters were crying badly. Seeing this heartbreaking picture, people are expressing grief on social media.

Tarachand has 3 daughters and a son. He wanted to make his daughters successful by educating them. For this, he had sold his 27 bighas of land and had a debt of Rs 6 lakh. He used to work in other’s fields to support his family.

After the death of Tarachand, his family is in a bad condition.

The Vishnoi gang, which took responsibility for the murder, issued a statement after watching the video of Tarachand’s daughter crying and assured to help the family financially. The Bishnoi gang has said that they had no enmity with Tarachand. They apologize for this.

After this incident in Sikar, questions are also being raised about the law and order of the state.

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