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Rajinikanth said can’t get into politics, can’t start party

South Indian superstar and famous actor Rajinikanth has announced that he will not enter electoral politics and will not form his own party.

He gave this information by writing a letter on Twitter. He wrote that his health is not good due to which he has to take this decision. Rajinikanth said that he felt very sad while making this decision, but it is good.

A few days ago, his health deteriorated during the shooting in Hyderabad and he was admitted to the hospital for three days. In the crew of the film with whom he was working, some people were found to be corona positive.

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My greetings to my dear Tamil people.

Earlier I had announced that I would start my party by January. After this I went to Hyderabad for the shooting of the film ‘Annantha’, without the advice of doctors.

There were about 120 people at the shooting venue who had a covid test every day, we were following social distancing, wore masks, we acted very cautiously, yet, four members of our crew became covid positive.

Our director immediately stopped shooting and all the covid tests were done. My test came negative, but I also have blood pressure problem. If this is not normal then the kidney will be affected.

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I was under his supervision for three days on the advice of doctors.

Keeping in mind my health, the film’s producer Kalanithi Maran postponed the shooting. This impacted the earnings of many people and the film lost a few crores of rupees. All this happened due to my health.

I see this as a warning from God. I cannot win elections only through social media and cannot give people the government they need. The veteran of politics will agree with this. I will be expected to meet millions of people and hold meetings.

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But I was in the hospital for three days and the crew of 120 also had covid positive people. Now a new wave and a new variant of covid has arrived in the country.

Even after taking the vaccine, people like me who take immuno suppressant medicines, will not be able to go to many places, and will not be able to meet people during the corona era. This will also affect those good people who want to go on this political journey with me. It will be difficult for them emotionally and financially.

I cannot come into politics by saying that I will not mind losing. I am a sure man of my tongue and I will fulfill my promises. What will people say if I step back? I cannot think in this way, and I cannot make those coming into politics with me a scapegoat.

Therefore, I want to say with great regret that I cannot start a party and enter politics. I feel very bad giving this information to you.

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The people of my Makkal Mandaram have worked very hard for the last three years. They will not go in vain. Your good deeds will help you and your family in future. When I met you all on 30 November, you all told me that I should take care of my health first. This was your priority. You all have told me that whatever decision I am taking, you will stay with it. I will never forget those words and thank you all for your love and affection. Rajni Makkal Mandaram will work as usual.

In early December, Rajinikanth had said that he would form his political party in January in the new year, which would be announced on 31 December.

Rajinikanth gave information about this in a tweet. In his tweet in Tamil, Rajinikanth also shared some hashtags. One of them has written in the hashtag – ‘Not now or never.’ Another hashtag reads – ‘We will change, we will change everything’.

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