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Who is Pradeep Bhandari, why he is getting trolled on Twitter?

Pradeep Bhandari is a Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Jan ki Baat. He is currently hosting a show Janta ka Muqadma on India news.

By Ground report
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Pradeep Bhandari who abused farmers on live tv show

Pradeep Bhandari is a Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Jan ki Baat. He is currently hosting a news debate show Janta ka Muqadma on India news. Recently Bhandari used abusive words on his show. After this, he is being trolled on Twitter.

What Pradeep Bhandari Said?

Lakhbir Singh, a 35-year-old Dalit man brutally killed at the farmer’s protest site Singhu border. The incident sent shockwaves across the country. Hours later, Nihang Sikhs claimed responsibility for the assault. He was found hanging at the police barricade, his left hand was chopped.

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Pradeep Bhandari accused Farmers of this killing. He said evil forces are trying to tear apart the country in the name of Protest. He accused the government of kneeling down in front of such anarchist elements. On national television, he used abusive words for farmers. After this, he was massively trolled on Twitter.

He defended himself through Jan ki Baat Portal

When Pradeep Bhandari was presenting his argument, his anger was also very high and it was not his anger but the anger of the whole country, because he was raising the voice of the country. The whole country is demanding that incidents like murder, rape are taking place in the movement, the government is silent on this. Why doesn't the government take any strict action?

Pradeep Bhandari was keeping this voice of the people of the country in front of the country through his show. A small part of his argument was taken out by some YouTube journalists and propaganda started running against Pradeep Bhandari on social media.

Later Pradeep wrote "I will always stand for people of India. Their anger is my anger, their happiness is my happiness. People's interest is National interest. People of India have defeated the conspiracy of leftist 'journalists'."

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