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PM will talk to some farmers on Christmas

swamitva yojna and its benefits

The Ministry of Agriculture has said that on Christmas Day on 25 December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release the next installment for farmers under the PM Kisan Direct Cash Transfer Scheme, and will also talk to some farmers on issues related to farming.

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According to a report published in the newspaper Hindustan Times , under this scheme, Rs 18,000 crore will be transferred to the bank accounts of 8 crore farmers.

The first installment was released in the year 2019 as part of the scheme to transfer cash to farmers’ accounts. But this time the government is going to give cash to the farmers at a time when thousands of farmers in the capital Delhi are opposing the agricultural laws.

Tuesday is the 27th day of farmers’ protests. Farmers say that agricultural laws will have a bad effect on their livelihood. However, the government says that agricultural reforms will open new markets for farmers and increase investment in agriculture.

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Quoting an official in the newspaper, it is written that Modi can talk to farmers about the benefits of new agricultural laws.

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Under the PM Kisan Yojana, the government gives a relief amount of two to two thousand rupees to the farmers once in four months, ie 6000 rupees in a year. This scheme was launched in February 2019 and its first installment was given to the farmers at that time.

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Quoting the officer, the newspaper writes that Modi can ask the farmers how and how much they benefited from this government scheme. Also, in view of the upcoming budget, farmers can also ask what is expected from their budget.

According to the official, farmers from different corners of the country will meet Modi through the facility of internet available in the panchayat.

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