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People should continue wear double masks or N95 mask, Govt issues new Covid guidelines

Corona second wave in India
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Ground Report | New Delhi: In order to avoid Covid infection, along with applying masks, social distancing is equally important. The Chief Scientific Adviser to the Central Government, K.K. According to guidelines issued by Vijay Raghavan’s office, a person’s sneeze and cough can reach a distance of 10 meters. An advisory issued on the corona virus infection, cough and sneeze are the most important causes of the spread of any infected person. Not only this, the advisory issued by Vijayaraghavan’s office says that the virus can go up to 10 meters away in the air through coughs and sneezes.

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In such a situation, it is always necessary to wear a mask. Apart from this, following the rules of social distancing is also necessary to prevent Covid. Not only this, the virus can also be spread by the untreated Covid infected patient with sneezing and coughing. Apart from this, the particles coming out of the ground sneeze and cough can also be the cause of infection. Not only this, cough, sneezes, sputum and mucus particles on the ground can become the reason for spreading the virus for a long time. 

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 Constant and regular cleaning of high contact points has been ordered by the government panel. These include door handles, light switches, tables, chairs etc. It is recommended to clean them with bleach and phenyl etc. The government committee has suggested that people should wear double masks or N95 masks to avoid corona. According to the advisory issued by the government, if you want to wear a mask of cotton clothes, then you should wear two, but if there is a surgical mask, then only one can work. 

Stop Transmission, Crush Pandemic’ Guidelines

-In buildings with central air-management systems improving central air filtration /increased filtration efficiency is especially helpful when enhanced outdoor air delivery options are limited.

-In offices, auditoriums, shopping malls etc. use of gable fan systems and roof ventilators are recommended. 

-Frequent cleaning and replacement of fiters is highly recommended.

-Saliva and nasal discharged in the form of droplets and aerosols, by an infected person while exhaling, talking, speaking, singing, laughing, coughing or sneezing etc is the primary mode of COVID-19 virus transmissions, in infected person who shows no symptoms also transmit the virus. 

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-People without symptoms can spread the virus. People should continue wearing a mask, wear double masks or a N95 mask.

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