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Home » Days before wedding, Anas loses her fiancée after bombing in Gaza

Days before wedding, Anas loses her fiancée after bombing in Gaza

Mohammed Abdulaziz

‘Praise be to God, and this is patience from God’ says Anas

The sounds of the bombing of the Gaza Strip do not stop. Calm continues for minutes, and the sounds of rockets and raids from Israeli forces return again without mercy. A young man “Anas Al-Yazji” sent a message to her fiancée asked her about condition, She replied “Fine, but afraid.” Then he heard sound of new raids and lost contact, after 10 hours of searching, a dead body was found.

After her fiancée died a few days before the marriage as a result of violent bombing of their house yesterday. During a video taken by those around him while talking to them about her fiancée, Anas told that he asked her fiancée, to hide in a safe place. After the return of the Israeli bombing again on the Gaza Strip. The message did not arrive, as they bombed their home, and her fiancée dies.

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Anas Al-Yazji’s fiancée

“Anas” said with a smile that did not leave her face: “she was a dental doctor. We were preparing the apartment and my wedding after the Eid. They bombed her house and said the Abu Auf building fell, and I came looking for it. I stayed for many hours looking for it. I would be satisfied, if it was a martyr. We consider it with God, and praise be to God for everything, even if it is Aisha.

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After extracting his fiancée, Shaimaa, a dentist from under the rubble of their house. “Anas” said during the videos that spread to him that while he was extracting her from under the rubble, he went to look at her, and he found her laughing: “I went to look at her, and I found her laughing”.

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