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Peepal Baba's suggestion to improve economy and environment

Peepal Baba: Eminent environmentalist Prem Parivartan, popularly known as Peepal Baba progressive farmers achieved success in agriculture

By Ayushi verma
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Peepal Baba's suggestion to improve economy and environment

Peepal BabaEminent environmentalist Prem Parivartan, popularly known as Peepal Baba, has said that the progressive farmers we are seeing who have achieved success in the field of agriculture are not on food but fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants. Etc. have leaned towards production. There is still much need and potential in this area. With this, programs for awareness and cooperation for planting trees, if the hard work done at this time can accelerate the pace of the country's economy in the coming times.

He said that, at this time we should focus on food grains as well as planting trees because the supply of food grains will be the same, the rate will also fall due to more goods in the market. There is no need for a market between planting trees and getting the trees ready till then when the market is fully open after lockdown, then their products will also come in the market and will become a major source of income for the country along with the farmers. The hard work done will be very fruitful in future.

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Increased possibilities in agricultural operations
According to Peepal Baba, due to the lockdown, the possibility of people getting involved in agricultural work increased due to the return of people to the villages. A lot of youngsters have reached their villages from other cities during the Corona period. These youth are exploring their future prospects in agriculture related industries in the village itself.

Such youth should form a group and run collective forestry program. If the government also provides wastelands to such groups, then there will be great benefit. A large portion of the products (wood, flowers, and fruits) given from it should be given their rights. If the government brings such youth forward by making such a provision, then it is the corona era itself that formed the basis of greenery revolution in the country for the time being.

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Now, with more people joining agriculture, where the production will be more than necessary. Due to this, prices of agricultural crops will also fall. Per capita agricultural income will be less, so if people plant trees around their land or take care of them by planting whole tree on some land, then it will be their fixed deposit because after 20 years, these trees will be ready and there will be more improvements in economy and environment. This will lead to moonlight.

Plantation more important in Corona landscape
In India, due to the Corona crisis, millions of workers have been unemployed, while people in private jobs also have a serious problem of saving employment. In this scenario, people who have returned disappointed from the cities are searching for their way of livelihood in their villages. A lot of people have made up their mind that they will not go back to the city due to the inconveniences caused by the lockdown and the difficulties faced by other governments due to poor planning.

There has been a large number of people joining agriculture during the Corona period. Those who were employed in the cities have come to the villages and engaged in farming, as a result, there is a lot of chance of increasing production in agriculture.

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Big market needs
In this situation we will need a big market if export promotion units are not developed to buy our production, till then this increased production will not benefit the people engaged in farming operations. Prices will fall due to unavailability of market. There will not be much difference between the cost of farming and the amount you get from farming. In this situation, if the farmer progresses his thinking and does the work of plantation along with farming, then agriculture will be an immediate source of livelihood.

Along with farming, trees have to be planted along the fields
For this, along with farming, farmers should plant trees (teak, rosewood, popular, white) on the edge of their fields or plant fruits (mango, guava, banana, lemon and moushami) etc. Today, the fixed deposit made by him will be found in the coming 15 to 20 years. Till there is no employment, people should cultivate valuable wood and fruit trees along with agriculture.

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The article is written By Ayushi Verma. She is a student of Journalism at Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha university.

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