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Pakistan’s PIA plane seized at Malaysia airport over court case

The ‘Boeing-777’ aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been taken over by the Malaysian administration at Kuala Lumpur Airport. The Pakistani aircraft has been taken into custody on the order of a local Malaysian court.

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According to media reports, the PIA did not pay the installments of the lease, due to which the action has been taken.

It has been reported that the PIA had taken two aircraft, including this Boeing-777 aircraft, on lease from a Vietnam company in the year 2015.

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Pakistani channel Geo TV has quoted sources as saying in its report that ‘this plane went from Karachi to Kuala Lumpur. But when the passengers boarded the plane in return, they were not allowed to fly. The time this aircraft was captured, the passengers were in it. 

After this action, the 18-member crew also had to stay in Kuala Lumpur. It is being said that as per the guidelines of covid-19, all crew members will have to stay in Quarantine in Kuala Lumpur for 14 days.

The PIA has confirmed the incident by tweeting through its official Twitter handle.

The PIA has said that ‘the Malaysian court has given an absolutely unilateral decision, on the basis of which this action was taken.’

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In another tweet, the PIA wrote, “The case is pending in a London court between the PIA and another party. This is a legal battle that is going on. But the Malaysian court gave a unilateral decision. This situation is not acceptable. The PIA has spoken to the Government of Pakistan about this and has sought to raise the matter at a diplomatic level. “

The airline company PIA has also said that it has made necessary arrangements for its passengers stranded in Kuala Lumpur.

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