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85% women in India miss salary and promotion: report

85 percent of women in India missed salary increases and promotions. It says that many women in the country have the freedom to work from home, but they face obstacles like lack of time.

According to the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 report, the chances of salary increase, promotion and other benefits were lost in India to 85% of the female employees in Asia Pacific, 15% more than 85% of women employees.

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The report said that 7 out of 10 working women and mothers feel that fulfilling family responsibilities often comes in the way of their career development. About two-thirds of working women (63 percent) and working mothers (69 percent) said they faced discrimination at work due to family and domestic responsibilities.

When women in the country were asked what they believed to be unhappy with opportunities to advance in their careers, one in five (22 percent) stated that companies exhibited a ‘favorable bias’, a regional average of 16. Much higher than the percentage. 

The survey report said that 37 percent of women also say that they get less salary than men. In the report, 21 per cent men were found to agree with this. At the same time, 37 percent of working women say that they get less opportunities than men. Only 25 per cent of the men agreed on this.

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The survey report further said “Both men and women believe that they look for three things in the job – job security, a job they love and a good work life balance”. 

According to the report, 63 percent of the women feel that sex is important for progress in life. While 54 percent of men think so. 

4 out of 5 Indians said they were negatively impacted by the corona virus epidemic, while 9 out of 10 said they were affected by job layoffs, pay cuts and working hours. 

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Ruchi Anand, director of talent and learning solutions at LinkedIn India, says job security is very important for working women in the country. 

He said, flexible schedules and new learning opportunities are important for women employees, which can help organizations attract, hire and retain more female talent. 

LinkedIn had given the responsibility of conducting this survey to market research company GFK. The survey was conducted between 26 and 31 January and included 2285 people in India, of which 1223 were males and 1053 females.

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