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Oxygen will last 2 hours; 25 patients have died in 24 hrs: Ganga Ram Hospital Director

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi has said that they have only oxygen left for the next two hours. The hospital’s ventilator and bypass machine are not working properly.

The director of the hospital has said that the lives of 60 ‘very serious’ patients are at stake.

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According to reporta, 25 ‘extremely sick’ people have died in Ganga ram in the last 24 hours. Oxygen deficiency is probably the cause of these deaths.

The hospital has said that the help of manual ventilation is being taken in the emergency and ICU at this time because of machines. Ventilators not working.

The medical director of Sir Ganga ram Hospital in Delhi said that 25 sick patients have died in the hospital in the last 24 hours. 

The oxygen bus to the hospital will run for two more hours. The ventilator and Bipap are not working effectively. Oxygen is urgently needed. Life of 60 other sick patients is at risk due to lack of oxygen. 

The Medical Director of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi further said that efforts are being made to restore ventilation in the ICU and Emergency Medical Department in a non-mechanistic manner. 

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Explain that after the lack of oxygen in the hospitals of the capital Delhi, many hospitals have stopped recruiting new patients suffering from covid.

Like Sir Ganga ram Hospital, there is only a short time stock of oxygen left in the Hindu Rao Hospital in Delhi. 

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In such a situation, the ICU has been asked to use the remaining oxygen and the oxygen concentrator in the wards, in view of the lack of oxygen, the hospital has stopped recruiting new corona patients. 

Similarly, in the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini, the recruitment of new patients has been stopped after the scarcity of oxygen. 

Similarly, new patients are not being admitted for some time in hospitals like Apollo, Max, Vimhans.

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