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One month of 'love jihad law' in UP: 14 cases, 49 jailed

Uttar Pradesh's 'Uttar Pradesh Law Against Religious love jihad law Act, 2020' came into existence. Jail 49

By Ground report
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On Monday, the month of the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh's 'Uttar Pradesh Law Against Religious Conversion Prohibition Act, 2020' came into existence.

According to this law, 'forced conversion' is punishable in Uttar Pradesh. It can be imprisoned from one year to 10 years and a fine ranging from 15 thousand to 50 thousand rupees.

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Since November 28, Uttar Pradesh police have registered 14 cases under this law and arrested 51 people. 49 of which are in jail.

According to the news of Indian Express , out of these 14 cases, there are 13 cases in which alleged pressure was made on Hindu women to convert to Islam. Out of these 14 cases, there have been only two cases in which the complainants were women themselves while the remaining 12 cases were filed by the relatives of the women.

In two cases people from Hindu organizations intervened and even demonstrated in front of the police station. In eight cases, the couples either called each other as friends or told that they are in a relationship. While a couple claimed that they are married.

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There was also a case of alleged forced conversion to Christianity. Under which a case has been registered against three people in Azamgarh.

Earlier reports said that Youths who have inter-religious marriages and have inter-religious relationships are leaving Uttar Pradesh and moving to other states for fear of arrest.

A Muslim youth who loves a Hindu woman said, “People of right wing organization were following me in Uttar Pradesh. Now both of us will go out of UP and get married. I will adopt Hinduism and we will seek protection from court.

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“When my parents came to know about our relationship, they took out the SIM from my phone, tortured me and threatened to kill my boyfriend,” said a young woman who loves a Muslim youth.

He told, “Both of us ran away to Delhi and we asked for protection from the court. I don’t think we will ever go back.”

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